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This is the first spinoff volume of Bokutachi No Remake!'s spinoff series.


Kyōya Hashiba was at a loss because the game company he worked for was crushed and job hunting did not go well. In such a case, it was decided to join Sacseed Software, which I had longed for, by arranging for Eiko Kawasegawa, who I had come to know after a longing. Kyoya was pleased, but the 13th development department he was assigned to was a window department, and all he was doing was general affairs and miscellaneous affairs. Even so, Kyoya had been working with Masi to tell himself from a long time ago, but one day he was inspired by the proposal shown by his colleague Risko and his thoughts on his game, and after the structural reform of the department, he started a strategy to try to develop the real thing in the 13th Development Department. However, it is caught in the conspiracy based on the faction fight of the company behind that.


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  • Side Story 1